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Best of Calvados


2014-08-19 - The Amazing Race Canada

Contestants from the Canadian TV show «THE AMAZING RACE CANADA» try their hands as Cellar Masters in a challenge at the Calvados BOULARD distillery.

For the latest episode of the TV show «The Amazing Race Canada» broadcast on CTV on August 19, the candidates were flown to France - more specifically Normandy - where the first test awaiting them was at the Calvados Boulard Distillery.

Richard Prével, the Cellar Master at Calvados Boulard, had concocted a challenge for them : to extract Calvados from a barrel and reduce its alcohol content from approximately 60% to exactly 40%.

Each team first had to pick a work station on which the number of a specific barrel was indicated. One member then had to locate that barrel among the hundreds in the Gustave cellar in order to extract a sample of Calvados.

Back in the distillery, they then needed to apply a reducing formula to the Calvados that would lead them to the right amount of water they needed to add to their sample to reduce the alcohol content to the 40% required.

The challenge required dexterity, concentration and a logical mind. In the end twins Pierre and Michel were the first to dilute the Calvados correctly and gained a lead over their rivals in the race.

Amazing Race Canada - August 19th

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