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Best of Calvados

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Best of Calvados


Sparkle and Shine

Rivoli Bar


2cl - 2/3 oz. of Calvados Père Magloire X.O.

2.5cl - 0.75 oz. of an apple cider reduction

0,5cl - 0.2 oz. of lime juice

2 drops of bitter vanilla

10cl - 3 oz. of Brut Champagne

Details of the recipe

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The recipe

Shake all the ingredients with ice.
Strain in a coupe glass and top up with Brut chanpagne.

Cider reduction:
In a cooking pan place  1L of apple cider, Peels of one lemon, two vanilla pods and reduce to 35cl.

The Calvados

The X.O. is the cornerstone of the collection Père Magloire. Connoisseurs appreciate the perfect balance between the fruitiness of the apple and the flavours absorbed during more than nine years of ageing in century-old oak barrels. This Calvados is, without doubt, the most harmonious blend arising from a distillation of Pays d’Auge ciders and nothing else.

“Perfect harmony of flavours for a true Calvados lover”



I have been working at the rivoli bar for one year and six months.
I use Calvados Pere Magloire X.O. because it is a very fine and delicate spirit with an amazing and long finish.
The cider reduction and the vanilla bitters complement the fine notes of the Calvados, allowing the spirit to shine through the cocktail.

A cocktail enjoyed in a rustic fireplace surrounds.

The Rivoli Bar - The Ritz


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