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Best of Calvados

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Best of Calvados


Pere Cobbler

Planet Z


4cl - 1.5 oz. of Calvados Père Magloire FINE V.S.

2cl - 0.75oz. of apple Juice

1cl - 1/2 oz. of Elder Flower Syrup (MONIN)

1 spoon of fresh lime juice (0.5cl)

3cl - 1 oz. of non-alcohol ginger ale (Canada dry)

2 slices of fresh apple

Details of the recipe

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The recipe

Fill a long drink glass with ice. Put the Elder Flower syrup with Calvados, lime juice and the apple juice. Stir and complete with ginger ale.

You should try it before you serve. If you fall in love, you do it perfectly!

A cocktail for after work, with friends. Ideal in Summer, on the beach. Or if you are very thirsty...

The Calvados

FINE V.S., created using several vintages, is the freshest and fruitiest of the collection. What sets FINE V.S. apart is the continuous distillation in copper stills. This concentrates the apple flavour which is further accentuated by blending the fruitiest vintages and ageing them in century-old oak barrels.

“You feel summer in winter!”



My bar experience is about 30 years.

I am the founder and the President of Planet Z, the Bartender Association, since 1995. I have trained almost 90% of all professional bartenders in Ukraine. I am a mixology lecturer and a judge on the specialized contest all over the world.

I am using the Calvados Pere Magloire Fine V.S. because it is the most aromatic calvados which could be ever found for a cocktail. The main advantage – it could be recognized almost in any cocktail, not as a strong alcohol smell, but as a soft apple liquor.
It is a very good base to create fresh cocktails with «young» calvados and do not lose the needed taste of apple’s freshness in the mix with other ingredients.

Planet Z


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