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Best of Calvados

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Best of Calvados



Normandy Barrière


3cl - 1 oz. of Calvados Boulard Grand Solage

2cl - 2/3 oz. of Vanilla Madagascar "Giffard" liquor

1cl - 1/3 oz. of fresh lemon juice

2 fresh raspberries


Details of the recipe

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The recipe

Crush raspberries in a shaker and pour the lemon juice, vanilla liquor and Calvados.

Shake all the ingredients vigorously and strain into a cocktail glass.

Raspberry with small range of fresh apple

Advice :  you can replace the 2 fresh raspberries by 1cl - 1/3 oz. of raspberry juice "Alain MILLAT".

The Calvados

Produced from a blend of Calvados varieties from the Pays d'Auge of which the age varies from 2 to 5 years, the Calvados Boulard Grand Solage is characterised by its apple fragrance and its amber colour. A smooth and fruity Calvados with an incomparable elegance and aromatic richness.

“A well aromatic balance between vanilla and apple ...”



I'm working at the Normandy Barrière in Deauville since 1988.

I recommend using a young eau-de-vie to realize a Calvados based cocktail which will bring freshness and sometimes aromas of green apples, so characteristic of these young Calvados. It is mainly for these reasons that I use Calvados BOULARD Grand Solage.

In the Madagascar, notes of vanilla and apple blend sweetly together, finishing delicately on a note of red fruits.

Can be served as an aperitif or as an after dinner drink.

Normandy - Deauville


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