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Best of Calvados

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Best of Calvados


Lecompte de 1803

Beau-Rivage Palace


6cl - 2 oz. of Calvados Lecompte 12yo

5 raspberries

2 spoon of white sugar

5 dashes of orange flowers liquor

8 fresh mint leaves

Details of the recipe

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The recipe

Crush the mint leaves in the bottom of the tin with the sugar and raspberries.
Add remaining ingredients.
Add crushed ice in 3 steps.
Mix gently.

Garnish with raspberries, mint and orange peel

The Calvados

The Calvados Lecompte 12 years old has a remarkable maturity. Elegant cinnamon and nutmeg aromas rub shoulders with complex hints of caramelised apples and roasted hazelnuts, punctuated by a final flourish of liquorice. The results is a Calvados of extraordinary finesse and outstanding lenght of flavour.

“A refreshing, glamour & full of surprises cocktail !”

Jérémy le Blanche

Jérémy le Blanche

Lecompte is a house rooted in the French know-how for years. It is an honor to express ourselves behind the counter by staging its flavors and fragrances.

Lecompte aromas should be highlighted at any stage of the cocktail recipe: time to harmonize the dilution of the cocktail with flavors of Calvados Lecompte 12 years, selection of very tasty and juicy raspberries, use sugar in fine powder to dissolve without producing significant dilution and add precisely the orange blossom.

A cocktail for a surprisingly friendly atmosphere, glamourous and sexy !

Beau-Rivage Palace


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