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Best of Calvados


2014-06-23 - Jose TORELLA from the Intercontinental in the Spirits Business Magazine

A wonderfull article in The Spirits business magazine about the famous "Hot Desire" !

The head bartender of The Barclay Bar at the Intercontinental New York is talking about the Hot Desire, the best-selling cocktail of the bar since his creation in summer 2013 !!

He also explains how he likes to share its experience with the consumer : "the bartender's goal is to make all their guests feel at home and leave their bar having had a great experience".

Jose Torella shared 3 successful cocktails recipes on our website : The Leading Lady, the Sugar & spice and the Hot Desire of course


The Hot Desire - Jose Torella

3cl - 1oz. of  Jalapeno-infused Boulard V.S.O.P. Calvados

3cl - 1oz. of simple sugar syrup

3cl - 1oz. of  fresh lemon juice

2 chunks of fresh watermelon




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