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Best of Calvados


2015-03-30 - International Calvados Nouvelle Vogue Trophies - Finale

And the winners are.... Finland, Poland and Latvia !

Around a hundred bartenders, representing 15 countries, Calvados and Cinéma … these are the main ingredients of the amazing Calvados-based cocktails competition finals held in Normandy... with a trio, Poland, Finland and Latvia proudly winning in the following categories: International Bartending Student Trophy, International Professional Bartenders Trophy and International Journalists Trophy.

Creativity, aesthetic, taste, balance as well as emotion and perception... these words were repeatedly pronounced on the 30th of March during the Calvados Nouvelle Vogue International Trophy finals...

1st Prize - International Professional Bartenders Trophy
Markus Sillanpää / Finland - Bartender at the E.Ekbl om bar in Turku

« Mixed Feelings »

5 cl Calvados
2 cl Fresh lemon juice
3 cl Cinnamon syrup
2 Rosemary small branches
5 drops Hopped gratefruit bitter

Inspiration « A man and a woman »

1st Prize - International Bartending Students Trophy
Kamil Strzeszewski / Poland with the cocktail « Fleurs pour Eleonor » - Inspiration "Intouchables"

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