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Best of Calvados

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Best of Calvados


Cocktail glasses


Large Collin's
20 to 25 cl
a long drink glass


The tall shape of this tumbler means it can be filled with ice cubes so the cocktail stays well chilled. It also facilitates blending and shows off different color-graduated cocktails.


for Champagne or sparkling wine based cocktails


Slim with a tapered rim, the flute allows the bubbles to escape more easily, thus improving the taste. It is also an excellent recipient for refined low-alcohol cocktails.


Martini Glass
7 to 12 cl


This very elegant glass is ideal for enjoying short drink cocktails. Its conical shape makes it ideal for decorating cocktails.


Verre à whisky
15 to 33 cl


This is the classic, traditional glass for short drinks or drinks served on the rocks.


Essential equipment


With this you can mix together ingredients of varying types and density perfectly. Three-piece shakers are fitted with a strainer so the mix can also be filtered.

Mixing glass

The mixing glass is used to prepare liqueur and spirits based cocktails. The ice cubes should be put in first (up to 2/3), then add the ingredients and blend using the mixing spoon by stirring from top to bottom. The cocktail should then be filtered and poured into a glass.

The mixing spoon

This extra long spoon enables you to reach the bottom of the glass and mix the ingredients from top to bottom. Other than mixing, its main uses are: measuring, stirring, creating layered cocktails and crushing.


This enables you to measure the exact amount of alcohol and spirits needed for making a cocktail.



Used for grinding and crushing fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices, it is particularly useful for crushing sugar and mint leaves.


This is useful for avoiding drips when serving drinks straight into the glass. Some pourers also include a measure.


This is used for obtaining the zest of citrus fruits and creating citrus peel twists with which to decorate cocktails. Some models incorporate the two functions.


Used for decoration, stirrers add the finishing touch to your cocktails. They are also useful for blending some cocktails.

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