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Best of Calvados


2015-01-06 - First pre-selections of the International Calvados Nouvelle Vogue Trophies

The 19th edition of the International Calvados cocktail competition started!

Professional bartenders and students were invited to participate to the competition organized by the Calvados interprofession IDAC. Each participant gave a presentation of the cocktail, made with Calvados.



"Breathe du Nord (Breath of the North)"  - Egor Stepanov – bar "Apartment", Moscow

Students :

"Sharlotta" - Gabulov Artem (PBS, bar "Room", St. Petersburg)

This first part of the competition took place in Russia and is ongoing in Italy, Sweden, Germany ...

The final will be held on Monday, March 30, 2015 at the Amirauté in Normandy.

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