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Best of Calvados

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Best of Calvados



Bar Noble


3cl -  1oz. Of Calvados Lecompte Originel

1,5cl – ½ oz. Of Amaretto Liqueur

1cl – 1/3 oz. Of Monin Apple-pie syrup

2,5cl – 1 oz. Of Heavy cream

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The recipe

Whip cream and mix all the rest of the ingredients.

Place the ingredients in a shaker and add ice cubes.

Slow shake only to cool the ingredients and not to put much strain on ice

Strain into a cocktail glass.

Enjoy at a luxurious bar with cigar after a full course French dinner.

The Calvados

Composed entirely of young Calvados Pays d'Auge, this unique assemblage reveals incomprabale original fruity apple, while "fresh" and liveliness.

“Neat but bewitching lady”

Takafumi YAMADA

Takafumi YAMADA

I have started out working as a bartender 20 years ago while working at a food distribution company.  I have then started focusing on working in bars and have acquired my own bar and I now run 2 bars (Bar Noble and Public House Holborn) in Yokohama.

2011 - Winner of the World Cocktail Championship (International Bartenders’ Association)

2011-  Awarded Higashi-Kuninomiya Prize

Length of service at the bar Noble :  10 years

Lecompte Originel’s distinctive freshness would balance out the heavy cream flavor. 

This Calvados has a very well balanced taste that will nicely harmonize the cocktail.

Bringing out the fascinating aroma and fruitiness deriving from apples, I wished to create a cocktail that was like drinking a sweet dessert.

Bar Noble


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