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Best of Calvados

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Best of Calvados


Core Crusta

Bristol Bar


3cl - 1oz. of Calvados Boulard Grand Solage

1,5cl - 1/2 oz. of Lier Aperitif / Frech Pommeaux

1,5cl - 1/2 oz. of Bénédictine

2cl - 0,75 oz. of Fresh lemon juice

2cl - 0,75 oz. of Simple syrup (1 :1 water and sugar)

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The recipe

Shake and strain into goblet with sugar rim and lemon peel.

Garnish with apple fan.

A 'sunset hour' cocktail to be consumed with friends outside before an enjoyable meal

The Calvados

Produced from a blend of Calvados varieties from the Pays d'Auge of which the age varies from 2 to 5 years, the Calvados Boulard Grand Solage is characterised by its apple fragrance and its amber colour. A smooth and fruity Calvados with an incomparable elegance and aromatic richness.

“The Core Crusta, a classic redefined...”



Originally from Scotland, I moved to Oslo from London, where I worked in bars and in sales.
I started working at The Bristol Bar on the 15th of November 2012.

I love using Calvados. Its a spirit that often gets overlooked by cocktail bartenders, however, I think it is a lot more accessible than traditional wine based Brandies.

I use Boulard as it ensures exceptional quality and the Grand Solage displays exactly the right balance of flavours I wanted with its apple freshness and vanilla richness.

Bristol Bar


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