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Best of Calvados


2014-07-18 - Calvados at Tales Of The Cocktail 2014

Calvados Boulard and Lecompte was at Tales Of the Cocktail in 2014 for presentation, tastings and... cocktails !!

Tales of the Cocktail® is the world’s premier cocktail festival, bringing together the international spirits community for five days of what’s now, what’s new and what’s next in bartending.

On July 17th, Tales Of the Cocktail organized a seminar about Calvados : Calvados Unpeeled. In this seminar, they explored why the great food memoirist A.J. Liebling called Calvados “the blessed liquid” and “the best alcohol in the world,” and why it has “a warmer touch to the heart, and more outgoing personality” than just about any other spirit.

The Calvados Boulard and Lecompte were honored with tastings of Calvados Lecompte 5 years old, Calvados Boulard V.S.O.P. and X.O. and 2 cocktails were proposed for the occasion:

  • The Louis' special

1oz. of Calvados Boulard V.S.O.P.

1oz. of Vermouth di Torino

3 dashes of Angostura bitter

3 dashes of crème de noyaux

1/4oz. of rich sugar syrup (2:1)

Stir with ice, serve "up" and garnish with a lemon zest.

  • Apple Blossom

2oz. of Calvados Lecompte 5 years old

1/2 of grapefruit

1oz. of lemon juice

1/2oz. of strawberry liqueur

5 dashes of bittermens

Hopped grapefruit bitters

Stir with ice and serve "up".


Tales of the Cocktail

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