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Best of Calvados

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Best of Calvados


Calvados and Hobbes

Bond N°9


5cl - 1,75 oz. of Calvados Père Magloire FINE V.S.

1,25cl - 1/2 oz. of fresh apple

1,25cl - 1/2 oz. of fresh lemon

2cl - 0,75 oz. of lavender syrup

Egg white

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The recipe

In a shaker :

Dry Shake all ingredients and then shake with ice.

Serve into a Rocks glass over cubed Ice.

Garnish with an Apple Fan

Ideal for summer sipping.

The Calvados

FINE V.S., created using several vintages, is the freshest and fruitiest of the collection. What sets FINE V.S. apart is the continuous distillation in copper stills. This concentrates the apple flavour which is further accentuated by blending the fruitiest vintages and ageing them in century-old oak barrels.

“A light and floral cocktail !”



I have worked in the Edinburgh scene for 11 years:  from independents to chains, cocktail bars to clubs and restaurants.  I started to work on Bond No.9 in 2008.

Cocktails are a true representation of personal memories and experiences. I think any cocktail that you truly appreciated will in turn be appreciated by others.


Calvados is a very approachable dark spirit, it's brilliant for moving people over from the worlds of vodkas and gins.

The Fine Père Magloire is a light calvados flavour that works very well with the lavender syrup (which we keep quite delicate).

Bond n°9


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