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Best of Calvados

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Best of Calvados


Airship don't fly

Bond N°9


3,75cl - 1,25 oz. of Calvados Père Magloire V.S.O.P.

2cl - 2/3 oz. of gomme

2,5cl - 0,75oz. of fresh grapefruit

2cl - 2/3 oz. of fresh lemon


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The recipe

In a shaker, add all the ingredients except Champagne.

Strain into a Coupe and top with Champagne.

Garnish with an apple spear.

This cocktail can be enjoyed accompanied by a sherbet

The Calvados

Père Magloire V.S.O.P. is notable because it is made only from cider from apples harvested in the Pays d’Auge. The character this soil gives the apples, combined with double distillation in copper stills, offers the V.S.O.P. richness and length. V.S.O.P. is blended from Calvados which has been aged in century-old oak barrels for at least four years.

“More of a night out drink !”



I have worked in the Edinburgh scene for 11 years:  from independents to chains, cocktail bars to clubs and restaurants.
I started to work on Bond No.9 in 2008.

Cocktails are a true representation of personal memories and experiences. I think any cocktail that you truly appreciated will in turn be appreciated by others.

Calvados is a very approachable dark spirit, it's brilliant for moving people over from the worlds of vodkas and gins.
The VSOP Pere Magloire gives a great fresh apple flavour to drinks.

Bond n°9


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